Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday 13thThis was a treat for me if I’m being perfectly honest with you. You see, I had never seen this film until a few days ago. Yes, I’m a Friday 13th virgin no more!

And I happily admit that I am more impressed with this film than I was expecting to be especially as I thought this was going to be another generic horror movie from the 80’s. Well, it IS kind of like that, but it ticked most of the boxes that I look for in a horror.

The Premise…

Presumably set on Friday 13th (cos, hey, why not?) we are thrown back to 1958 at Camp Crystal Lake and see a couple murdered. We are then thrown back to the present day – well, 1979. You can tell. Just look at the clothes and hairstyles 😉

We are introduced to a girl trying to find the camp, asking for directions in a local bar and being given strange lo...

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Halloween (1978)

Screenshot from HalloweenIf there’s one film that is synonymous with Halloween, it would have to be one with the same name as the celebration. This is probably why this film is so well known.

Although this is such a well-known film, I wasn’t really impressed when I watched it originally many, many years ago. I watched it again to refresh my memory ready for writing this review and found that I had a new appreciation for this 70’s film. But why?

The Fear…

I wouldn’t say this film created a generation of fear, although people did begin to distrust little angel faced kids brandishing kitchen knives, and strange men wearing masks and overalls hiding behind bushes.

But in all seriousness showing a raving maniac killer in the middle of a peaceful, day-lit, happy suburban street does create a certain amount of chill dow...

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